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Former franklin river guide bravery award kayaker rescue

Former franklin river guide bravery award kayaker rescue

The award will go to Benoit Le Roy for the brave attempt to save a kayaker from being dragged down the river during an accident over the weekend in Franklin, Ind., on Sunday, Feb. 25.

Le Roy spent seven days trying to save the kayaker from the river when it was high in the sky and he and several mem바카라사이트bers of his emergency management group dove down. Le Roy, of Springfield, Ill., and another person, identified as Jason Fagan, of Rockford, Ill., spent 24 hours rescuing the kayaker.

After their success, Le Roy announced that he would be th더킹카지노e first of his kind and would be recognized by the federal government for his bravery.

“All we did was ask for help, not do what we were told. I’m not a hero,” Le Roy told CNN.

The award also has been presented to three other people who worked to save kayakers as they were being rescued on the river.

The river is tjarvees.comhe largest in the world. The river itself is only about two feet deep, but it runs on a wide variety of streams and is about one mile wide.